Combat Robotics

We are in year two of the Power Racing Series: Combat Robotics competition! This side-event was designed to add audience interest to Power Racing Series events during the downtime between races and to engage participants in another form of fun, creative engineering. The intention is to create a combat robotics league similar in spirit to the Power Racing Series – one that prioritizes fun and lowers financial and skill-based barrier to entry. Many PRS competitors already overlap in robotics sports such as FIRST or Battlebots, which require near-expert knowledge, mentorship, large amount of capital and large time investment. As a result, robot competitions tend to be homogenous groups of experienced engineers fighting over small design improvements that are not the best at encouraging outsiders or amateurs to participate. In line with our educational focus as a not-for-profit, we want to bring more opportunities for learning to the widest group of people possible.
Participants in these mini-events will have to both show off their building skills and win the audience’s favor in order to pass each round. PRS Combat Robotics will encourage spectacles and theatrics through a similar “Moxie + Wins” Point system. Rivalries and storylines will be encouraged to build audience interest and maintain the spirit of PRS. So go get on your glitter pants and get fighting!

For the 2024 season, we will hold Combat Robotics events at three Power Racing Series race weekends. The points acquired will not impact race scores, and both can be done by the same team. Combat robotics events will be scheduled for the downtime between PRS race events. Email with questions.