About Us

Power Racing Series is a registered 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit Organization(EIN 87-2351555). We focus on providing educational engineering challenges for students, clubs, and adults who want to learn new skills. We started as a small group of hackers racing stock Power Wheels toys in a parking lot in Chicago in 2009 and have grown to present DIY faires, a combat robotics league, and race exhibits for Maker Faires and other public events. We want to make engineering accessible to everyone, regardless of existing skill or financial background. We offer grants and scholarships to racers who would like to build a kart or travel to a race, but cannot afford to, and we are always looking for corporate sponsors to help us keep running. Contact us at info@powerracingseries.org for press inquiries, sponsorship information, grant/scholarship information, or for guidance on your build.